Written by Admin on May 26, 2017 in Promotions

Become energy efficient while enjoying rebates

Are you a Union Gas customer planning renovations or upgrades to your home in the near future? The company’s Home Reno Rebate Program is now enhanced with the Green Investment Fund from the Government of Ontario, which means higher rebates for you! Let Heritage Renovations Windows & Doors help outfit your home with the right renovations to make it more energy efficient, and you could be eligible for up to $5,000 in rebates from Union Gas!

Program Benefits:
  1. Receive rebates for up to $5,000 of your renovation cost.
  2. Improve your energy efficiency and decrease your energy bill by up to 20% per year providing long term financial gains.
  3. Increase your property value by having a more energy efficient home.
How do I get started?
  1. Contact Heritage Renovations for a customized quote that you can take to a certified energy auditor.
  2. Call a certified energy auditor to complete your pre-renovation energy assessment.
  3. Review your assessment and renovation options with your energy advisor.
  4. Complete at least two of the eligible renovations with a reputable contractor.
  5. Call your advisor to complete your post-renovation assessment.

Your advisor will collect and submit all the necessary paperwork to Union Gas. You will get your rebate cheque within 90 business days of submission. Maximum $5,000 rebate includes up to $500 for both energy assessments. You pay the HST on the cost of the assessments.

How do I qualify for a rebate?

You need to:

  • Heat your home with an oil, natural gas, or propane boiler/furnace OR wood stove (electric heated homes not included)
  • Own a detached, semi-detached, row town house, or mobile home.
  • Meet one of the following requirements:
    • Union Gas customer or reside in Union Gas franchise area
    • Kitchener Utility customer or reside in Kitchener
    • Utilities Kingston customer or reside in Kingston
    • Natural Resources Gas customer or reside in Natural Resources Gas franchise area
Can I get any Energy Star® rebates through this program?

Yes! You can get a rebate if you install:

  1. Windows/Doors/Skylights: $80 for each window, door or skylight replaced with an ENERGY STAR-qualified model.
  2. Furnace/Boiler
  3. Wood-Burning System
  4. Water Heater
What else can I get a rebate for?

You can get a rebate to offset the costs of insulating basements, walls and attics. Air sealing is also eligible for a rebate.

  1. Basement Insulation
  2. ​Exterior wall Insulation
  3. Attic Insulation
  4. Air Sealing

Limited time offer. Maximum of 120 days between the first and second assessment allowed. Program expires Dec. 31, 2017. Rebates available on first come, first served basis. Rebate payment subject to availability of funds. Union Gas reserves the right to revise program without advance notice including rebate amounts and eligibility. Homeowner responsible for ensuring rebate eligibility, choosing eligible certified energy advisors, keeping invoices and meeting criteria and deadlines.