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Retractable Screens for Large Openings

Retractable Screens for Large Openings

Heritage Renovations is London, Ontario’s number one dealer and installer of Mirage retractable screens for large openings.

Mirage’s Horizon screen series includes vertical window awning or exterior shades and outdoor privacy screens.

There are four models, including the: H2800 for smaller openings; H5000 for medium-sized openings; H5500 for medium-sized openings; and H7000 for large openings.

Each model is built with precision and expertise.

There are endless benefits to screening in your covered patio, gazebo, deck, balcony or large windows.

And Heritage Renovations has the knowhow and support to get your large screen project completed, just as you had imagined it.

With all four Horizon screen models, you can expect:

  • Quiet & smooth operation;
  • Virtually maintenance free;
  • Wide variety of mesh options and colours; and
  • Accessories that will help customize your screen system beyond the ordinary

Motorized garage door screens

An H7000 motorized screen converts your garage into an entertainment space

Most garages could use a little more light and airflow. Why not have Heritage Renovations install a Mirage screen?

A motorized garage door screen can help brighten or shade your space while maximizing airflow.

What’s more, you won’t have to deal with the nuisance of flying insects or debris.

The extra light and air will make working in the garage more comfortable. It will also allow you to use it as a multipurpose space whenever you like.

The added benefits and protection of a screening system will let you convert your garage from a “storage space” to “entertainment area” in a very short time.

Patio enclosures

An H5500 model patio enclosure screen adds privacy while keeping out pests

Heritage Renovations also installs Mirage retractable screens for patio enclosures.

Keep out unwanted insects and reduce harmful UV rays while you enjoy your patio.

In addition, different mesh options give you added privacy. They even block the wind!

Mirage Horizon screens can be tucked away or recessed into columns and archways for a hidden and seamless installation.

Retractable screens for patios can increase the convenience and flexible use of any covered area – from a porch enclosure or lanai to a deck and a patio – offering more room and comfort for you to relax.

Photo galleries

See how different large format screening options can make your living spaces more comfortable and even offer a great shading solution.

Horizon 2800
Horizon 5000
Horizon 5500
Horizon 7000

Video demonstrations

The following videos are short overviews of the Mirage Horizon 2800 and the Mirage Horizon 7000.

H2500 Overview
H7000 Overview

Compare Mirage Horizon Screen Systems

H2800 H5000 H5500 H7000
Chain or Motor Crank or Motor Motor Motor
Maximum Height
9′ 14′ 12′ 16′
Maximum Width
12′ 19’2″ 20′ 25′
Cassette Size
2.8″ 5″ 5.5″ 7″
Insect Protection
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
UV Protection
checkmark checkmark checkmark
Side Retention System*
checkmark checkmark checkmark
Engineered Wind Block


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