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Weiser Deadbolts

Downtown Weiser deadbolt

Heritage Renovations in London, Ontario offers three lines of Weiser deadbolts. These include the Collections, Welcome Home and Elements series. Deadbolts with a full one-inch projection provide added security and peace of mind. Preview each spectacular series below.

Collections by Weiser

Collections by Weiser deadbolts boast Grade I security (the highest level available) with a one inch full bolt and titanium alloy throwbolt core. Each deadbolt has free spinning guards to deter wrench attacks, anti-pry shields, anti-pick top pins, along with ball bearing embedded cylinder cores.




Welcome Home Series

Welcome Home Series deadbolts offer maximum security in single and double cylinder functions providing added security and peace of mind. All Welcome Home Series deadbolts feature a one-inch projection bolt and meet the highest residential ANSI grading requirements (Grade II).


Metropolitan Boutique Deadbolt

Metropolitan Boutique Deadbolt (Squared)


The Single cylinder deadbolt provides tough, effective protection at an affordable price. This deadbolt is equipped with a full one inch throwbolt and is now available with SmartKey Re-Key technology. Re-key your locks quickly without removing them from your door.



Learn more about innovative technologies offered by Weiser.

Weiser Premis

Control your lock from your phone.

Weiser Obsidian

The future of doorware.

Weiser Smartkey

Re-key technology adds flexibility.

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